Li-Fi is the Best Internet of the Future

Since Wi-Fi is accidental invention in 1992 by australian radio astronomer dr. john o’sullivan through a failed experiment to detect exploding mini black holes Wi-Fi has revolutionized digital communication without it our current mobile way of life would be somewhat different Wi-Fi currently makes up a sixty percent of global internet traffic. with all of that being said Wi-Fi still…

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Camera Link – MadCatz’ handy little device

The Camera Link software makes saving Game Boy Camera pictures to your hard drive quick and easy. Only one thing stops the Game Boy Camera from being like its full-fledged digital camera brethren: PC connectivity. Well, unless you also consider resolution, graininess, and monochrome-only to be major differences as well. MadCatz is the first to bridge the Game Boy to…

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Get to know the Smart Penny Stock Tips

Hi! My name is Anthony and welcome to smart penny stock tips. I’m glad your here. Penny stocks are an inherently risky micro cap strategy. It is a niche that has tremendous manipulation and often employs pump and dumb strategies. As such, navigating your way around this industry can be difficult but also very profitable. I work in the financial…

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The whole time I was waiting for Mirage’s Mortyr to be released in the good old US of A, I was fondly remembering the archaic Wolfenstein 3D (I also thought back fondly to the original ’80s titles as well) and how much fun it was to kill goose-steppin’ Nazis. Then I got Mortyr and played it. All hope was lost….

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G400 MAX Review

Okay, so I wasn’t too excited about this card before I got my grimy little hands on it. Matrox cards are always solid, but rarely inspiring, and my expectation was for this to be an also-ran in a race dominated by 3dfx and NVIDIA. The G400 MAX is an impressive card in every way except one: Its OpenGL performance isn’t…

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SimCity Buidlit Game

SimCity Buildit is the Odds-on Favorite

When a game comes from a virtually unheard of source and scores more than one of the six awards given out each year at the Independent Games Festival (IGF), we owe it to our readers and ourselves to look into it. (It should be noted that The Best of Show award has will be given out this evening and so…

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