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Li-Fi is the Best Internet of the Future

Since Wi-Fi is accidental invention in 1992 by australian radio astronomer dr. john o’sullivan through a failed experiment to detect exploding mini black holes Wi-Fi has revolutionized digital communication without it our current mobile way of life would be somewhat different Wi-Fi currently makes up a sixty percent of global internet traffic. with all of that being said Wi-Fi still has some issues it sketchy at times with varying signal and it’s not totally secure because your signal could travel through walls and be easily picked up by someone else.

The reason for all of this is that Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data so how do we improve this technology and solve these problems we must use something that’s cheap safe plentiful and more robust for data transfer the answer light light is perfect because it’s actually just part of the electromagnetic spectrum just like radio waves but at a much higher frequency that is the waves that carry the energy cycle at a much faster rate than radio waves light also has a frequency range ten thousand times greater than radio waves going up to seven hundred ninety terahertz first as a maximum of 300 gigahertz for radio waves all this means is that light has the capacity to transmit vastly more pulses of data in much less time than radio waves the concept of light being used as a medium to transfer internet data has been coined.

Let’s hear a bit more from Harold has the founder of life i er in a TED talk from 2011 right at the technologies infancy flight path installed already so we have the infrastructure there look look at the ceiling you see all these light bulbs can we use them for communications and there’s one thing we need to do with we have to replace these inefficient incandescent light bulbs fluorescent lights why these new technology of LED LED light bulbs and led the same we conducted an electronic device it has a very very nice and cute property it it its intensity can be modulated at very high speeds and it can be switched off at very high speeds and this is a fundamental basic property that that we exploit with our technology. This kind of internet connection is useful in a lot of ways. One of which is playing online video games, or perhaps the use of Mobile Strike Generator for gold.

So how does this all work you all know the remote controls have an infrared LED basically switch on the LED and visits off switch it off and give create a simple no speed data stream and ten thousand bits per second twenty thousand bits per second not usable for YouTube video what we have done is we have four developed a technology with which we transmit with our technology not only a single data stream we transmit thousands of data streams in parallel and even higher speeds in another part of the talk has does a pretty cool demonstration he fits a desk lamp with a normal LED bulb worth about three dollars a software code makes the bowl flicker at extremely high speeds this flickering or pulsing is then converted into a signal by receiver and then watch what happens next.

So what happens when i switch on that light as you would expect this light a destined could put the book anything could read it’s illuminating at the space but at the same time you see this video coming up young and this is a video high-definition video that is transmitted to it like being your critical to say haha this is a smart academic doing a little bit of tricks here let me once again it is this light that transmits this high definition video this bit stream and if you look at the light it is illuminating as you would expect you don’t notice with the human eye you don’t notice the subtle changes in the attitude that we impress on to this light bulb it’s serving a purpose for elimination but at the same time we are able to transmit this data and you see even light from the ceiling comes down here to the street receiver it can ignore that constant light because all this the receivers interested in these subtle changes paratypes to integrate this receiver technology into fines and even find cameras so that they can send and receive high bit rate information through and from light.

You might be wondering if the light has to be turned on the whole time to receive data has says yes but the thing is you can actually do the light down so the human eye cannot detect that it’s on but the receiver still can read it ok so that sounds great but doesn’t actually work in real life the answer is yes researchers of reach speeds of 10 gigabits per second in lab conditions for a perspective south korea’s world record internet speeds are any 100 megabits per second life I has also been successfully tested in a commercial context there’s been trials and officers in Estonia that are reporting transmission speed of one gigabit per second still a hundred times faster than current average Wi-Fi speeds so imagine this you can walk into any room switch on the light and simultaneously instantly have an internet connection a hundred times faster than your regular Wi-Fi but it doesn’t stop there researchers at the Oxford University have published results of visible light internet at 223 gigabits per second with those speeds you can download 18 1.5 gigabyte movies in one second but of course whether or not the servers will be able to serve those files to you is another story entirely.

But still very impressive nonetheless so what’s the conclusion here we can be seeing very cheap flight powered internet or Wi-Fi everywhere this could easily lead to the Internet of Things becoming a reality a situation where all electronic devices communicate with each other from your mobile phone communicating with your fridge to sensors on a bridge warning a structural damage and potential failure to civil engineers if life I becomes widely available I believe it would have turned a corner into a technological revolution that would lead to a world with the internet and transfer of information is no longer an obstacle for the average user so anyway that was just a quick story i thought i’d bring to you it’s quite fresh because the life I test in real life scenarios only completed two days ago at the time of this recording so pretty exciting stuff.