PayPal Securing Your Money Completely

PayPal is widely use by online users and to think of it many people utilize it for online transaction. The features of is to link bank accounts together with phone security code. The service fee of PayPal is reasonable enough not too expensive and not too cheap. Their services is not perfect enough to satisfy clients but some concerns may not be solve it depends on the issue.

PayPal is easy to use, it can benefits the people when they use it as a personal account. When it comes to business purposes PayPal will charge you with certain percentage. Sellers nowadays using PayPal but at some point there some risk when using PayPal.

Some people experience being scam by using PayPal and this very common to PayPal users, it would be best to double check and examine first before you do any transaction. When you account is business account they are certain restriction and some accounts getting freeze due to certain violation. It happen one last time my friend having a business account being freeze due to some clients using PayPal report him he is a fraud. Due to PayPal policy privacy my friend choose to wait for his account to be active again.

In the first place he doesn’t do anything that can harm other peoples account. Sometimes I do believe that PayPal is hiding some dark motives but that is only my prediction.

The good thing about security measure to your bank account that connected to your PayPal account, PayPal services will give you special protection to avoid hacking and scam. There some problem encountered mostly on Visa and master Card users, it requires you to claim specific errors within 120 days and it requires more days to solve the issue.
Users are at risk when someone will able to get the information of your account like the password doing this it is called a hack account.

Once you account has been hack it can transfer you money to other account or order something in online store using your hack account. This kind of hack is an old style, for now it is hard to hack account due to phone code verification.

I would recommend not to put so much funds or balance in your account if you dont have any balance in your account there is always a not so easy way like how to find free PayPal money, if necessary withdraw you money and put it in the bank for more safety measures. It’s not about I don’t trust PayPal. It’s all about being cautious and securing your money completely.

how does paypal work

Paypal is the number gateway to be paid and paid online and it’s the best to send money to any bank account which you can only wait for few days and that you can also use it for buying stuff online without having to reveal your credit card.

Where to sign up for paypal

you can always to go this site paypal sign up to sing up. dont be confuse with Buy with PayPal or Receive payments with PayPal just choose with one because whatever you use once you will have your paypal account you can still use that function.

paypal customer service

For Customer support this its really hard to recommend it because the process is very tedious but if itvolve with big amount then its all worth the hassle then you can go to this or you can call them at this number Customer service: 00 1 402-935-2050

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