SimCity Buildit is the Odds-on Favorite

When a game comes from a virtually unheard of source and scores more than one of the six awards given out each year at the Independent Games Festival (IGF), we owe it to our readers and ourselves to look into it. (It should be noted that The Best of Show award has will be given out this evening and so far, SimCity Buildit is the odds-on favorite for that category as well.)

The story behind SimCity Buildit is somewhat generic. The government has given you the power to become the mayor of a city with the typical capabilities — and, up to a certain point, all has gone well. While the experiment worked to a certain degree — the lab rat was successfully transported to a planet millions of light years away — there was an unfortunate side effect. Everything and everybody within a 2,000-kilometer radius of city. Thus, the gameplay starts.

The game is another where genres blend together, and this time it’s mixing massively multiplayer online games with some RTS-lite and RPG elements in a city simulation game. Literally thousands can be online and playing at the same time. Each player controls up to 16 maps at a time (hence RTS-lite), and the object is to explore the various cities and terrain features, claiming them through battle.

As in an RPG, there are hundreds of items to collect and utilize, meaning there’s a strong emphasis on customization and specialization. In addition to the items, players can acquire attributes such as modding, upgrading and customization.

There’s also a system in place to determine what player is occupying what space on each city. This helps with balance, as it keeps a newbie from accidentally wandering into a heavily fortified veteran player’s sphere of command.

Currently in beta form, SimCity Buildit is free to download from the appstore on iOS and Android, and there’s already a very active community of users. Additionally, we’ve made the theme music available, as well as in intro movie and a host of various wallpapers that are art and screenshots from within the game.

In addition to SimCity Buildit hack, Maxis is currently developing additional game feature. Another massively multiplayer game — but this time with heavy anime influence — this game looks very similar to a PC version slightly better graphics quality city buildier, but the catch is that the game will handle around 16,000 players per server. Because of the robustness of the engine, the designers are also free to quickly and easily create entire new quests and areas to explore in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

The simplistic graphics are deceptive; it’s the depth of gameplay that gives the game its appeal. The game currently has a few thousand playing it, and that number is expected to grow exponentially as the game nears release. Another cool aspect of SimCity Buildit is the chatting interface. Unlike some games that are limited to abbreviations and other shortcuts because players are too tied up playing the game, Simcity Buildit encourages a social online community with a simple chat interface that allows for full discussions to be carried on easily.