Very Interesting Movie You Don’t Want To Miss

Nicolas Cage is one of the big actors and played different movies from different kind of genre and one of his best movie ever played, titled Gone in 60 seconds. This movie is one of the movies by which it has huge budget and his role in this movie is an ex car thief, but must go back to the dirty business in order to help his brother release from debt. And so he was given a task to steal 50 expensive car in 24 hours, so that he can pay the condition to save his brother. If you are a movie and car lover, then this movie is for you. It features expensive cars like Mustang GT 500, Ferraris and Lamborghini. If you want to see a movie with great story, then Gone in 60 seconds is for you.

Now speaking about interesting movie, then you should involve Cars movie from the popular Pixar animation maker. For your information Cars is one of the most successful franchise and movie in the 21st century. While you can get a prototype on the toy section, you can also see Cars animated series in Disney channel. Cars movie series is very popular because of its appeal for kids and the dialogue is well accepted for all viewers. Furthermore, since it was well done, Pixar continue to make an expansion for the movie, titled Planes. Star race car named Lightning (voiced by Owen Wilson) was compel to do a task in a small town by repairing the roads after he accidentally ruin it. Together with the voices of your favorite stars Paul Newman, George Carlin and professional race car expert Dale Earnhardt Jr., they have made Cars a great family movie entertainment.

Now going back to the old movie like taxi 5 streaming hd, we can include Smoke and The Bandit. The movie was awarded in the Oscar for best actress category. Sally Field who fled away from her wedding and look for a ride from the Bandit (played by Burt Reynolds) and Cledus (Jerry Reed). Unfortunately for Bandit, it was so hilarious because the person Field wants to avoid is the son of the police officer of the town. And that is where the trouble comes when Bandit and Cledus trying to do some cross-country booze smuggle, while Sheriff Buford and his son chasing them all the way. The movie is well done and you can really have a great time when you want to watch and you can bring your friends with you.

Next is the movie titled “Drive” is an independent film starred by Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, the story focuses on a stuntman and criminal getaway hired driver in Hollywood with complicated relationship with his neighbor. While he was about to sign a professional driving contract, he face unbearable situation which lead to more complicated struggle. We all know that Gosling is really a great actor and watching the movie Drive, there are plenty of things you can relate and understand. Kudos to Ryan Gosling for such a great act and wonderful movie.

Now if you want a movie that is filled with humor and comedy style, then you can check out Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Together with action, heartbreak and plenty of NASCAR scene, Will Ferrel ‘s natural comedy acting will show a story of Ricky Bobby and how he made it to the top of the racing carrier, however loses in a very terrible crash. We have been observing Will Ferrel’s natural comedy style in the movie which make us laugh every time we watch. The movie was directed by Adam McKay who also directed the movie Step Brothers and The Other guy. There was a scene in the movie which isgenuinely shot at the Talladega Super Speedway and showcasing the great racing moment.

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